February 2022 Release Notes

Asset Report Changes

  • Added “Days History Available” field to the assets report in the Order Details section
    • This field will reflect the maximum days of history available on one or more of the accounts contained within the report
    • The field can be used to gauge how much history is available for consumption by the AUS to support programs that look at extended rental or income history
  • Added an option to request 6 months of transaction history when requesting a VOA report
    • This option can be used to pull sufficient alimony payment history on the assets report without ordering a 12+ month report
    • To order a 6-month report, your organization must be set up to order extended history reports (6 month / 12 month / No Limit)
    • To enable extended history report ordering, contact your corporate AccountChek administrator and have them email helpdesk@accountchek.com or their FormFree account manager

Other Changes

  • Fixed a visual bug on new order emails for users utilizing Outlook client
  • Fixed an issue that impacted account selection when generating some VOA reports
  • Fixed an issue impacting the “show only locked out users” function on the verifier dashboard
  • Fixed minor visual bugs on the verifier dashboard