To add a new user, first, click on your name in the top-right corner to display the drop-down menu, and then click Verifiers.

Once you reach the User Management page, click New User in the top-right corner.

Fill out the required user details, including First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Role, and any temporary Password of your choosing. Be sure to check Must Change Password to make the user select a new password upon first login.

Optionally, you can assign the user to a region and branch – providing these details will make it easier to manage order visibility within your company. If the user is a Processor, you can also click + Add Branch Visibility to select which branches the user can manage orders for.

Once you have filled out all details, press Save. You can either send the temporary password you chose to the new user, or use the Reset Password button on the User Management page to send a password reset link to their inbox (Note: this is a temporary link that does expire). This concludes the new user setup process!