The Default Verifier (DV) is simply a registered AccountChek user that all orders placed through an integration will be tied to. This user will effectively be the “owner” of integration-placed orders. Because of this, other AccountChek users that need to access and manage the DV's orders will need to have permission to view orders placed in the DV's assigned Branch or Region. When creating the DV, we suggest both assigning them to their own branch and using a shared mailbox for the email address.

The email address associated with the Default Verifier account will receive all report generation notifications for orders placed via the integration. Because of this, many lenders choose to use a shared mailbox when creating the DV. This way, multiple users will be notified when reports are generated for orders placed through the integration. Assigning the DV to its own branch allows you to give others viewing access to that branch, allowing them to see and manage orders originating from the integration.

To create your default verifier, please submit a completed user setup (found below) sheet to or your AccountChek rep. At minimum, please fill out the Verifier Company, First Name, Last Name, Role & Email

Example Setup Fields

Verifier CompanyRegionBranchFirst NameLast Name
AccountChek CompanyCorporateSimpleNexusDefaultVerifier

TitleRoleEmailFNMA seller/servicer