The Insufficient Transaction History status occurs when we can’t pull at least the amount of account history requested at order placement. In this case, at least one of the accounts linked – usually a checking account – is not returning enough data. To resolve, the possible options are:

  1. Wait until there are enough days of history available and then refresh the report – if necessary, we can escalate this issue to find out how much time will be needed
  2. If possible, request less account history when refreshing (NOTE: histories less than 60 days may not meet your underwriting requirements)
  3. By request, we can force a 60-day report to generate despite insufficient history (NOTE: this may not meet your underwriting requirements)
  4. Escalate this instance to attempt to retrieve the full history set. This may take several days to a week.
  5. Remove the account with insufficient history from the report and refresh. Afterward, you may also ask the borrower to link additional accounts if needed; we can provide you with their sign-in URL by request

Please contact and provide the borrower name and loan number for further assistance.