Demos & Training

Please refer to the attached release notes from Finastra for a quick overview of the Fusion Mortgagebot integration. Unfortunately, FormFree does not have access to a live instance of Fusion Mortgagebot that we can use for demos. If you need to see a live version of the integration or get training, please contact or your Finastra rep. 


To turn on AccountChek in the Fusion Mortgagebot POS for your company, you will need only one set of AccountChek credentials. All orders created through the Fusion Mortgagebot integration will be placed using this set of credentials and will therefore be tied to this single user, which we call the Default Verifier. Please see our article on Setting Up a Default Verifier for more information and best practices.

Lastly, you will also want to select company-wide defaults for days of history pulled on borrower accounts (Account History) and the account monitoring period (Refresh Period). Because Fusion Mortgagebot orders are created by borrower interaction, we do not allow the borrower to select the Account History and Refresh Period. Instead, we will default all incoming orders to your preselected options. If you do not select any defaults, all Fusion Mortgagebot orders will generate with 90 days of Account History and a variable Refresh Period outlined in your contract with AccountChek. We can change these defaults by email request (, or you can have a Corporate Administrator make these changes by choosing Settings in the drop-down menu on the AccountChek dashboard.

Special Features

Widget Availability

The borrower will not have the ability to access the integration widget if no funds are required to close. Additionally, this availability of the widget can be configured by customers on the basis of credit score, home equity, financing type, and property usage. Please contact or your Finastra rep for more information.

Feature Summary

Lite report

Full report upgrade

Manage accounts

Add accounts (before app submission)


Report refresh

Edit order details

Close order

Resend borrower email

Edit history period



Within Fusion Mortgagebot's User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment, all orders will be placed in the AccountChek test system. For test credentials, please see AccountChek Testing Resources.


All orders generated via the Fusion Mortgagebot POS will be tied to the Default Verifier, meaning you will not be able to tie orders to the regions/branches that placed them by the user field. Additionally, the loan number field will not reflect your internally assigned loan number; it will instead reflect an identifier assigned by Fusion Mortgagebot. We recommend using fields containing borrower information, such as email, first name, and last name, to assign orders to branches for billing purposes. 

Order Management

If you are using Fusion Mortgagebot LOS, the Fusion Mortgagebot POS passes the completed report to the LOS as a file under Services > View VOA.  It also populates the Report ID/Reissue Key into the correct borrower/co-borrower fields in the Freddie and Fannie forms within both the Fusion Mortgagebot POS and LOS. However, it does not push the order itself the Fusion Mortgagebot LOS. All order management functions such as refresh must be accessed through the AccountChek Verifier Dashboard at this time. For more information on managing orders via the dashboard, see our articles in the AccountChek Dashboard Guide.