After your initial login or after selecting +Add Another Financial Institution, you will be presented with search menu. You can search for the financial institution where your checking, savings, investment or retirement accounts are held using the search box outlined below.



As you type, the search engine will produce a list of close matches. If you are unable to find your institution, contact or start a ticket in this portal for assistance. 

Click on the institution name to pull up the login page.



Once the login page is displayed, enter your online banking credentials to sign in. Because your security is our highest priority, your login credentials are never visible to anyone and are encrypted to ensure confidentiality.



Once AccountChek is authorized to connect to your financial institution, you will be taken to the Review and Submit page. You can click +Add Another Financial Institution to add more accounts while we finish gathering account data.



Once you have added all accounts needed to qualify for your loan, please select which accounts you would like to share by checking the checkbox to the right of each account. Once all desired accounts are Linked, click Finish & Share to complete the process! Your lender will notify you if you need to log back in and provide further information.