There are a few possibilities for why your credentials may not be working.

First, you may not have selected the correct financial institution or banking product. Select +Add Another Financial Institution on the Finish and Share page and search again for your institution. There may be multiple options for one institution, including a separate option for investments or other banking products. Be sure to select the correct product before attempting to log in.

Second, it's possible that a mistake was made when entering credentials, or that you are using the incorrect credentials. Try to log in with the same credentials via your bank's website. If you can log into the bank's website but not our online verification system, then the account product may not be supported by AccountChek. You can enroll a different bank or contact your lender for further instructions.

Third, you may have third party access disabled in your bank account settings. Be sure to check the settings in your online banking portal and make sure third party access is allowed.