Before logging in to the AccountChek integration, you will need your AccountChek credentials handy. See our article on Getting Your AccountChek Credentials for more information.

First, go to the dashboard login page by clicking the Dashboard Login button below. Go ahead and bookmark the page now, since you'll be visiting frequently!

Dashboard Login

Upon reaching the login page, you'll be presented with the fields below. Simply fill in the work email address and password associated with your AccountChek credentials.

After entering this information, the Login to AccountChek button will turn from gray to blue. Clicking this button will log you in to the system and take you to the Orders dashboard.

If you have already set up your credentials but can't remember your password, you can always click the Forgot your password? link and use the tool on the Reset page to send yourself a password reset link.

This concludes the login process! If you are having difficulties logging in and can't find a solution here, please contact your Corporate AccountChek Administrator or reach out to us at so we may provide assistance.