Reach out to We will walk you through the process! In the meantime, here is what you can expect.

Turning on the Integration

Getting started with Roostify and AccountChek is simple! Just be prepared to provide a shared, administrative email address for your company and we will do the rest.

Note: the email you provide will receive an email each time an AccountChek order is completed by borrower.

Roostify Admin Settings


After the integration is turned on, a Roostify Admin at your company will navigate to Admin ConsoleAccountsSelect AccountAccountChek and configure AccountChek by:

  • Enter Service URL and Verification Key (Provided by FormFree/Roostify)
  • Enable VOA Task and VOA Service by toggling them on

Testing (optional)

See the integration in action before placing real orders!


Your Roostify CSM will provide access to the test environment. Once the test environment is configured, FormFree will provide you with test AccountChek credentials (username and password).

 During testing, use the following checklist:

  • Ensure that asset data from the report (Institution/Asset Name, Asset Type, Estimated Current Balance) is exported to your LOS as part of the loan file.
  • Ensure the AccountChek reissue key is exported to the D1C reference field in your LOS.
  • If you have automatic exports enabled in your LOS integration, the PDF of the asset report will be exported to the default folder. This can be configured upon request. Encompass Users: the PDF report will automatically be uploaded to the e-Folder by default.

Customize AccountChek to fit your brand!

AccountChek messaging to borrowers can be customized to display your company’s name and logo. Just provide us with your logo .png format.

Default Values for Account History & Refresh Period

Since AccountChek orders within Roostify are created by borrower interacts, you can select default values for Account History and Refresh Period (30, 60 or 90 days).


If you choose to set default values, any LOS that you have AccountChek enabled in will be impacted. Specifically, your LOS will only display the values you selected for your default values. If this is an issue, please let us know and we will provide a path forward so you are not impacted.


Also let us know if you have a business need that requires your company to have more than one default value.

Note: If you do not choose a default values, Account History will default to 90 days and the Refresh Period will default to 90 days for all orders.