Borrowers will have two opportunities to leverage AccountChek to verify their bank assets in Roostify.

Borrower Opportunity 1

During the application flow in Roostify. In the Assets and Liabilities section, the borrower will be presented with a screen which reads "Tell us about your financial assets". The Find my accounts button on this screen will initiate the AccountChek experience.

Borrower Opportunity 2

In the post-application portal in Roostify. As borrowers begin to address outstanding tasks, they will be asked to upload recent bank statements. They will again have the opportunity to begin the AccountChek workflow as an alternative to uploading paper statements, this time initiated from the task modal.

AccountChek Workflow

Once the borrower opts into AccountChek through opportunity 1 or 2, a new tab will open in the same browse and prompt them to complete the following steps to link their bank accounts.

Step 1

Borrowers will first be prompted to select their preferred financial institution.

Step 2

Borrower enters their online banking credentials - the same they use to log in on the institution's own website.

Step 3

Borrower selects the accounts they want to link then Finish and Share to generate the report. The second browser will close automatically, and the borrower will be returned to their application.