The Refresh Period determines how long an AccountChek order remains open. The verifier (i.e., the loan officer or loan processor) may choose a 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, or one-time pull refresh period at the time the order is placed. The refresh period cannot be modified once an order is placed, and it begins as soon as the borrower successfully authorizes AccountChek's access. The order closes automatically at the end of the refresh period, unless the verifier manually closes the order sooner via the AccountChek Encompass integration or the online dashboard.

During the refresh period, the verifier may:

  • Request an updated asset report (this does not require additional borrower involvement or permission)
  • Add additional accounts or banks to the order (this requires the borrower to log in to AccountChek and choose Add Another Financial Institution)

For a guides on manually closing orders, AccountChek Dashboard users see here, and Encompass users see here.