Orders can be placed on the Order AccountChek VOA/VOD tab in the AccountChek Encompass integration.

Step One: Enter the borrower information

Borrower information can be quickly and easily filled out using the information in your loan file by pressing the Copy from Borrower or Copy from Co-Borrower buttons. At a minimum, fill out the First Name, Last Name, Last 4 SSN, Email, and Loan Number fields. 

Optionally, you can provide a mobile number. If your organization has mobile texting enabled, the system will text your borrower and request that they log in to AccountChek and their link accounts. You may also provide Employer name if desired. If we match the Employer information with any deposits on the report, they will be marked "Employer Found".

Step Two: Select the desired period of Account History and Refresh Period

First, select the requested Account History -- generally 30, 60, or 90 days.  The Account History selection will determine the period of history pulled going back from the date of request. Ensure that you request enough history to meet your underwriting requirements. 

Note: You may also see a No Limit option, which will pull the largest amount of history available to your company. For most, this will be 90 days, but if your company has Extended History enabled, we will attempt to pull up to 1 year of transaction data. To get Extended History enabled for your company, please speak to a corporate administrator and have them contact your FormFree rep or helpdesk@accountchek.com

Next, select your desired Refresh Period. This will determine the period of time, going forward, that you will have the ability to refresh the report and get up-to-date transaction history on the borrower's accounts. The refresh period will begin when you receive your first report. Refresh Period options include 30 Day, 60 Day, 90 Day, and One-Time Pull. Ensure that you select enough time to cover your anticipated time-to-close.

Step Three: Submit the order

Once all the necessary information is entered, press the Submit button to submit the order. The system will automatically email the borrower and request that they log in to the AccountChek system and share their accounts.