Before logging in to the AccountChek integration, you will need your AccountChek credentials handy. See our article on Getting Your AccountChek Credentials for more information.

Select Order Verifications while Viewing the Loan File

To access the AccountChek integration, select Order Verifications in the bottom-left Services menu.

Select AccountChek as the Provider

Choose AccountChek Verification of Assets VOA from the list of Providers. If you do not see AccountChek among the list of providers, please contact your Encompass administrator and request that they enable AccountChek as a verification service provider.

Input your AccountChek Credentials and Authorize

There are two AccountChek login options within Encompass. Individual users can login using the Username and Password fields or an Encompass admin user can enter a single set of credentials in Company Username and Company Password fields. The Company level login option will automatically authenticate all users.

Once you select the best login option for your Company, enter your AccountChek credentials (email address and password) and press Authorize. Optionally, you can check the Remember Me button to save your entered credentials.

Please see the attached training guide for more information on the Encompass AccountChek integration, or view our other articles.