There are two ways to get set up in the AccountChek system, both of which will require working with your Corporate AccountChek Administrator. The administrator is an individual with permissions to add new users. If you do not know who this is, please reach out to us at so that we may contact your administrator for setup assistance.

Your administrator may choose to add you manually or to place a request to have you added by the AccountChek support team. 

Corporate Admin Setup:

If the administrator adds you manually, they will need to select a temporary password for you. To log in for the first time and change your password, you can:

  1. Have the admin send you the temporary password they used so that you can log in to our dashboard for the first time and select a new password
  2. Have the admin send you a password reset link by email, which is time sensitive and expires in 15 minutes
  3. Use our password reset page to send yourself a password reset email

AccountChek Setup:

If you are added to the system by an AccountChek representative, you will receive two user setup emails. The first will display your username (the email address which received this email), and the second will contain a temporary password. Follow the link in the second email to sign in and select your new password.

Once the login page is opened, enter your username and temporary password. You will be prompted to change your password upon first login. In the Current Password field, enter your temporary password. Then, enter your new password, repeat the new password, and press Change Password. This concludes the credential setup process!