A small number of financial institutions have a unique workflow involving a redirect to the bank website during the linking process. This redirect allows for greater accuracy and consistency when retrieving account information, but can also cause some confusion.

These are the financial institutions that currently utilize this workflow:

Chase Bank

Wells Fargo


Capital One


US Bank

Bank of America

Charles Schwab

Navy Federal Credit Union

Chime Bank


We recommend that the borrower follow these steps when attempting to link accounts from one of these institutions:

1.  After selecting one of these institutions from the AccountChek list of supported banks, the borrower will be redirected to the institution website, leaving the AccountChek order open in the original browser window or tab.

2.  On the institution website, the borrower will select their accounts and confirm that they give permission to share information with AccountChek.

3.  At this point, the borrower will receive a success message from the institution itself, stating that they have successfully shared their accounts. The verbiage on the message can change depending on the institution, but some will also explicitly tell the borrower that they should close all windows, as shown in the example screenshot below:


4.  However, the borrower is only half-way done. At this point, they will need to return to the original browser window or tab that accessed the AccountChek order originally. Their asset accounts should now be showing, with a checkbox next to each account. The borrower will need to click the checkbox next to each account they wish to share, and click the “Finish and Share” button to truly complete the process.

We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer, with either the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers for the best borrower experience. For these institution in particular, using a mobile browser can potentially interrupt the workflow.