On the Retrieve Orders tab, the Status column will display the current status of an order with descriptions such as Awaiting Verification, Report Available, Report Downloaded and more (detailed below). You may also select Check Status from the Available Actions and press Go to update the status.

Status descriptions:

Invite Sent

An invitation email has been sent to the borrower's email address requesting that they log in to AccountChek and link their accounts.

Arrived At Site

The borrower has followed the link in the invitation email and arrived at the AccountChek site.

FI Selected

The borrower has selected their financial institution, but has yet to enter credentials.

Registration Complete

The borrower has completed registration.

Unable to Validate Credentials

We were unable to validate the credentials entered by the borrower. Please have the borrower try again and contact us at helpdesk@accountchek.com if you need help.

Unable to Connect to FI

AccountChek was unable to connect to the FI's website to validate borrower credentials and/or retrieve data. This may be a temporary error that will resolve within 24 hours. If you are still experiencing this error after that time, please contact us at helpdesk@accountchek.com and provide the borrower name and loan number for assistance.

Registration Failed

The registration process has failed. Please contact us at helpdesk@accountchek.com and provide the borrower name and loan number for assistance.

Enrollment Started

The borrower has initiated the account enrollment process, but has not yet finished. 

Awaiting Verification

The system is waiting for the borrower to log in to AccountChek and enroll accounts.

Verification Complete

The system has verified the borrower credentials/data and will soon generate a report.

Report Available

A report has been generated for the borrower and is now available for download by clicking the View and Go buttons in the Available Actions column.

Report Downloaded

The report has been downloaded and placed in the eFolder. To generate an updated report for download, choose Refresh in the Available Actions column and press Go.

Credential Issue on Refresh

While attempting to refresh the report, we were unable to update account information using the provided credentials. Please ask the borrower to log back in to AccountChek to update their credentials so that you may refresh the report.

Report Queued

The Borower has completed account enrollment and the initial report is queued for generation. Think of it as if waiting at the bank for your turn to be serviced by a teller.

Report in Process

A new report is actively being generated. This can take a minute, depending on the speed of the borrower's institutions and the placement of the request in the queue. AccountChek will send you, the verifier, an email when the newly generated report is ready. Using the same analogy as above, this would be like standing in front of the bank teller, having your issue resolved.

Insufficient Transaction History / No Transactions Found

One or more of the borrower's accounts is not providing the requested amount of history. Please view our article on Insufficient Transaction History for more information.

Enrolled But Harvest Failed

One or more of the borrower's accounts was successfully enrolled, but an attempt to retrieve data failed due to an unspecified error. This is usually temporary error that resolves naturally within 24 hours. If you are unable to refresh the report after 24 hours passes, please contact us at helpdesk@accountchek.com and provide the borrower name and loan number for assistance.


The borrower has logged into their order and selected their financial institution. They have not attempted any credentials for the institution however. The borrower will need to input their credentials and attempt to link their account.


The order has been closed, either because it reached the end of the refresh period or because it was closed manually by someone in your organization. Previous reports may still be accessed via the online dashboard, but generating an updated report will require a new order. 


The order has been archived.