June 2021 Release Notes

Landing Page

A landing page has been added for orders with an income and employment verification request. Asset-only orders are not impacted by this change.

This landing page provides context for the user about what is being done, has clear instructions on how to proceed, as well as clearly labeled buttons to navigate through the verification process.

As borrower’s complete the steps, they will return to the landing page and the progress bar will update. Once it is at 100%, borrowers are ready to finish and share.

Verification of Employment Refresh

Employment-only refresh functionality has been added to support pre-close employment verification. The AccountChek employment report includes all employment related fields present in the VOIE report, including the Employment Status. A full version of the report can be viewed HERE.

A previously generated VOIE report must exist to order a VOE refresh. In the AccountChek dashboard, verifiers can select “Generate Updated Reports” in the Income & Employment Reports section.

A window will prompt verifiers to select from income and employment or employment-only reports. After selecting continue, a new report be queued for generation.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Added API support for employment-only refresh
  • Expanded FAQ within the borrower workflow to include income and employment content
  • Added reissue key to the VOIE report
  • Employment start and end dates separated on the VOIE report
  • Fixed a bug causing employees to be incorrectly labeled as “Inactive” on the VOIE report
  • Changed the wallet icon in the borrower flow to a home button