May 2021 Release Notes

Verifier Webview/AccountChek Dashboard Edits

What has changed?

  • Fixed an issue that caused tooltips to block verifications when ordering
  • Implemented 50-character limit on name entry
  • Improved display of password requirements to dashboard users setting a new password
  • Fixed display of password reset screen if link has expired
  • New browser unsupported messaging added for IE11 users

VOIE Support

What has changed?

  • Added new VOE lite endpoints to support coming VOE-only report
  • Added support for auto enrolling VOIE to Verifier API
  • Updated VOIE report statuses in dashboard

Email Communication

What has changed?

  • Verifiers will now receive an email once a verification of income and employment report is generated (ReportGenVerifier email)
  • Standard reminder emails now sent to borrowers who do not interact with VOIE emails - functions exactly as asset invitations do
  • Fixed hyperlinks in borrower invitation emails

Additional Items

  • Updated Finish and Share page to achieve WCAG 2.1 compliance