January 2021 Release Notes

Production deployment on January 7, 2021

Added Last 4 of SSN to the AccountChek Order Details Page | Enabled Editing of Last 4 of SSN and SSO-generated Email Addresses

What Changed?

On the order details page, the last 4 of the social security number, the digits the borrower uses to access AccountChek, have been added alongside the existing order details (name, email, phone number). This newly visible field can be edited by verifiers (lenders) that wish to update the borrower’s access code. Additionally, SSO-generated email addresses are now editable.

Why Was It Changed?

This change was made to give lenders greater ability to help borrowers log back into the service and make updates. Some AccountChek point of sale integrations do not include the last 4 of the SSN on order creation and use an SSO-generated email address for the borrower email. In these instances, updating the email address and last 4 of SSN will allow borrowers to log back into the service and add additional account information after the initial application process. 

AccountChek Branding Updated for Verifier Dashboard and Borrower UI

What Changed?

AccountChek Verifier Dashboard

AccountChek logo at top of page

Logo displayed on various pages (login, logout, password reset, etc.)

New app icon when installed as an app

New favicon

AccountChek Borrower and Passport UIs

New AccountChek logo at top, displayed if customer is not white labeled

New favicon

Why Was It Changed?

FormFree completed a rebrand of all IP, including the FormFree website and the AccountChek and Passport services. All logos were simplified, modernized, and remain recognizable.