November 2020 Release Notes - OAuth Connections

Starting Monday 11/9/20, FormFree will be enabling OAuth (open authentication) connections for top banks including Wells Fargo, USAA, Capital One, Citibank, US Bank, and Chase. 


What are the benefits of OAuth? 

  • Fast, secure account linking 
  • Transparent data sharing choices to empower the borrower 
  • Better access to data

What do lenders or integration partners need to do to enable OAuth connections? 

  • No changes are required to take advantage of our OAuth connections.

How will the borrower experience change? 

  • The borrower experience will change only slightly. When connecting to a financial institution enabled for OAuth, borrowers will enter credentials into a pop-up window presented by the FI and follow instructions on the FI site to provide consent to share asset data. The process is quick, seamless, and intuitive. The borrower is automatically returned to the AccountChek process after completing the connection with the FI. 
  • Note: When we enable a new FI for OAuth, any AccountChek orders in flight with that FI will go into "Needs Update" status and the borrower will automatically be prompted to re-enter credentials through the updated OAuth login process.
  • Each FI has a slightly different OAuth flow on their sites. See the screenshots below of a sample Capital One borrower flow:


These six OAuth connections to top banks represent a huge win for FormFree customers and their borrowers. FormFree will continue to enable OAuth connections to additional banks and brokerages as they become available.