July 2020 Release Notes


NEW feature - Custom Bank Logo in Search Grid

  • What is it?
    • When borrowers link their bank accounts for AccountChek or AccountChek Plus, they have the option to click on the top 12 bank logos in the search grid or search for the FI by name. Our bank and credit union customers now have the option to customize the FI search grid and place their logo in the #1 spot for their borrowers.
  • Who can utilize the feature?
    • This option is available to any FormFree customer who places orders directly from our dashboard, an LOS integration, or a POS integration (exception: Floify POS).
  • What are the benefits?
    • Better borrower experience - Borrowers who are also members at the lending bank or credit union will not have to search for the bank or credit union in the search bar. The lending FI's logo is placed in the #1 spot.
    • Visibility - Exposure of the lender's FI logo in the #1 spot
  • How do lenders implement this feature?
    • Please reach out to your account representative to get this customization implemented.

Ability to Download the FormFree Verifier Dashboard as a Web App

  • What is it?
    • Lenders using our verifier dashboard can now download a FormFree Web App onto their desktop, tablet, or phone for easy access to creating and managing AccountChek and AccountChek Plus orders.
    • After installation, the web app appears as a FormFree icon on the lender’s device. Clicking on the icon will open the verifier dashboard as a standalone app.
  • Who benefits?
    • Any loan officer, processor, underwriter, or manager utilizing the AccountChek verifier dashboard
  • How do lenders install the app?
    • A notification will appear to all verifiers upon sign-in to the AccountChek verifier dashboard. Click the blue button to install! 
    • Note - The installation notification will only appear in browsers (e.g. Chrome) and devices (e.g. Android phones) that support the app.

AccountChek Plus Employment Extraction Refresh

  • The employment extraction routine will now run every time the AccountChek Plus report is refreshed. The Employment and Income portions of the AccountChek Plus report will be updated with any new direct deposits detected since the report was last generated.

“Expected Accounts” removed from Verifier Dashboard

  • The ability to request specific accounts when placing an AccountChek order has been removed due to confusion and complications this caused for the borrower.
  • Before 7/30/20:

  • After 7/30/20 and going forward:

[Note: The “expected accounts” feature will also be removed from the Encompass ordering page with the next Encompass release (8/6/20). Separate release notes will be published regarding upcoming AccountChek VOA enhancements in Encompass.]

Other fixes and improvements:

  • Minor fixes and maintenance on backend systems
  • Fix for issue with certain FIs not getting new transactions upon refresh