June 2019 Release Notes


Improved Employment Extraction

  • Our new employment extraction algorithm verifies a person’s employer by looking through their direct deposit history and correlating that history against secondary outside sources. This gives a confidence rating of how likely we think they are employed by a discovered employer.
  • This new order option is currently only available through the VerifierAPI and is not displayed on the Passport summary report.The client will need to call another endpoint to access the rating.
  • The confidence rating is not a percentage; it is a range:
    • The range [0,.4] = Bad match
    • The range (.4, .85) = Not really good or bad; the lender will need to decide what to do
    • The range [.85, 1] = Good match
  • Removes the need for adding the Borrower’s employer manually

Point in Time Balances on the VOA Summary Report

  • We added two data points to the VOA summary report to better meet FHA requirements.
  • The Asset Report Summary section will have 2 additional columns of data: Balance 30 Day Prior and Balance 60 Day Prior.
  • The output will also be added to the JSON.

BorrowerAPI Aggregation Improvements

  • Changes were made to improve the account scraping speed.
  • This will significantly speed up the experience of account linking for borrowers.