Once the borrower has successfully linked their accounts and a report has been generated, the order can be refreshed. At any point while the order is still open, you can choose Refresh Report from the Available Actions column and press Go to generate a new report with updated asset information and transaction history.

Once Refresh Report has been selected, you will be able to select how much Account History you would like on the refreshed report. *Please note that extended history pulls of 365 Days and 731 Days must be enabled by your system administrator before they will appear in the drop down list. Please have your system administrator send in a request to helpdesk@formfree.com to have extended history enabled*

Once the amount of Account History has been selected, you can select which accounts you would like to appear on the Refreshed Report. You can select any amount of accounts you would like for the report. Once the desired accounts have been selected, please select Create and a Refresh Request will be submitted.  *Please Note: One account must always be selected*